Thursday, August 28, 2014

20 year old Georgia man finds physical abuse in coming out to family, but kindness from strangers

Earlier today, I reported on a 20 year-old man in Georgia who found verbal and physical abuse in coming out to his family.

The good news appears to be that good-hearted strangers are opening their wallets to help young Daniel avoid being homeless with a GoFundMe campaign that, at this writing, has raised over $27K.

The story began with the posting of a video made by Daniel as he tried to address coming out to his family.

On Facebook, Daniel Ashley Pierce posted this yesterday:

“What a day…. i thought that waking up at 9:48 and being 15 mins late to work was going to be the biggest problem today. but i didn’t know that my biggest problem was going to be getting disowned and kicked out of my home of almost twenty years. to add insult to injury my step mother punched me in the face repeatedly with my grandmother cheering her along. i am still in complete shock and disbelief….”

Daniel added to the original Facebook video thread "Physically i am okay my step mother did a number on my face and lip but its not worth me worrying about."

I have to say "thank you" to the almost 1K people who found a few dollars to help a young man out.

That's my tribe.

It's National Bow Tie Day!

Chippendales celebrates National Bow Tie Day with instructions on how to  put that bow tie on - before you take it off...

And when I think of bow ties, you know who crosses my mind :)

Chippendales celebrates National Bow Tie Day with instructions on how to  put that bow tie on - before you take it off.

So You Think You Can Dance - Final 4 "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Well, I really like this.

This dance, choreographed by Travis Wall, opened last night's show and is apparently one of the few times, SYTYCD has utilized same-sex partners actually dancing with each other in a some-what romantic scenario.

Clearly the theme of the dance references LGBT equality and same-sex marriage. On top of the excellent execution by the final four dancers (Valerie Rockey, Ricky Ubeda, Jessica Richens, and Zack Everhart Jr.), the choreography is creative, current and thoughtful.

By the way, the recording of "Wind Beneath My Wings" was by Canadian twins RyanDan. You can find the recording here on iTunes.

New "Survivor" cast members - Josh and Reed

Meet Josh (the blond) & Reed (the brunette). This dating couple from NYC, who are both Broadway performers, will be competing on the new season of Survivor for the million dollar prize.

Reed and Josh both feel that because they are "fun" folks won't be so quick to vote them off. Although, Reed doubts Josh's ability to fool people saying he doesn't have a good poker face.

The couple also mention that their shared faith - both are Christian - is a big part of their relationship.

Check out the duo below, and tune in for the Season Premiere of Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Blood vs. Water Wednesday, September 24th at 8/7c. Only CBS

Where The Bears Are - Season 3: Episode 6 "Country Bear Jamboree"

This episode: The Bears don cowboy hats to blend in with the crowd at a country western bar in the valley where the Chunk models hang out in order to find out who may have had a motive to off Cody Summers.

Meanwhile, Wood works to win back Austin’s trust, Reggie clashes with rival news reporter Ronnie Bishop and Todd is threatened by Buzz’s obvious attraction to Nelson.

Warning - NSFW

Joan Rivers in critical condition after outpatient surgery

According to reports, Joan Rivers stopped breathing during an outpatient surgical procedure on her vocal chords.  She was immediately rushed to a NYC hospital.

From TMZ:

Joan Rivers was rushed to a hospital in New York City moments ago ... after she stopped breathing during a surgery on her throat ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Rivers was undergoing the throat procedure in a clinic (specifically on her vocal chords) ... when she stopped breathing during the surgery.

Sources say 81-year-old Rivers was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in New York.

We're told ... at one point, Joan's heart stopped beating.

It's unclear if doctors were able to restart the comic's heart.

UPDATE: AFP reports that Rivers' condition is "stable." Good news. Stay tuned.

via Chexy Decimal

Your brain on coffee - the world's favorite drug

How does the world's favorite drug ACTUALLY affect your brain? And can you overdoes on caffeine?

There's a little bit more to it than you think.

From the smart guys at AsapSCIENCE.

Dolly Parton takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

She said we'd never see her in a wet t-shirt but here she is, and she's as charming as ever.

When asked if she wanted to take off her shoes first, she replies "No, my shoes are plastic.  But then again, so's the rest of me."

What a great sport. Donate to the ALS by clicking here.

And make sure you check out Dolly's latest album, "Blue Smoke," by clicking here.

Son comes out to family, gets physically abused and disowned

Very sad story. A young Georgia man comes out to his family - probably one of the most vulnerable moments in his life.

From the clip description, Daniel was given two choices - attend a "pray the gay away" intervention or be disowned by his family.  The discussion quickly escalates to shouting and then physical abuse.

It's tough to listen to but this is how coming out can go for some folks. And it's hideous. From the grandmother:

“Since you have chosen that path, we will not support you any longer. You will need to move out and find wherever you can to live, and do what you want to. ‘Cause I will not let people believe that I condone what you do.”
I do encourage everyone to listen and hear the bile in his family's voices. It's important to understand the hate young people coming out can face. Then, please share this link.  If you ever wondered why LGBT advocates raise their voices, here you go.

A post on Reddit by someone who says they are his boyfriend wrote this:

Bros, my boyfriend got kicked out of his home and disowned yesterday. It's been a really traumatic experience for him, and I feel so terrible and angry that this happened.
Fortunately, he's living with a friend for now. Seems like he can be there long-term until he's able to support himself.
I'm so sad that so many people have to go something like this. For any of you that have, what's the best way I can support him?

A fundraiser has been set up to help Daniel get on his feet since he was kicked out of his home.

Thinking best thoughts for Daniel. Please do the same.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Another right wing myth goes down: Obama's vacation days

It's a popular myth for the right wing to bellow about the "extreme" number of days that President Obama has taken.


The last couple of 2-term GOP Presidents took a WHOLE lot more vacation days than Obama.

I don't remember them complaining about that, do you?

Oh - and the stock market didn't double under them, either.

And we have never had 53 straight months of positive job growth until Obama.

Pesky, pesky facts...

Read full details at Politifact.

Colton Haynes on the set of ARROW giving you sexy leather costume

Can't wait for the new season of ARROW!

Accuser drops sex abuse lawsuit against X-MEN director Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer

Variety reports that after a whole lot of bluster and attention, the sex abuse lawsuit against X-MEN director Bryan Singer has died a quiet, voluntary death:

The sexual abuse suit against Bryan Singer has been dropped by accuser Michael Egan, four months after the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” director was accused of abusing Egan when he was a minor.

A federal judge granted Egan’s motion for motion for voluntary dismissal in U.S. District Court in Hawaii on Wednesday.

Egan has also dropped his lawsuits against former Disney executive David Neuman and former TV exec Garth Ancier.

SCOTUS sees more requests for same-sex marriage appeals from Oklahoma and Virginia

Plenty of requests for the US Supreme Court regarding marriage equality today.

Lawyers for Oklahoma couple Mary Bishop and Sharon Baldwin have filed a request for SCOUTS to take up their case. The couple successfully sued Tulsa County Clerk Sally Howe Smith for refusing to issue a marriage license due to a state ban on same-sex marriage.

Last month the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a federal judges ruling that Oklahoma's ban on marriage equality is unconstitutional.

Smith's lawyers have already filed a similar appeal to SCOTUS earlier this month.

Over in Virginia, the American Foundation for Equal Rights have filed what is now the third request to SCOTUS regarding that state's same-sex marriage ban.

“Forty-seven years ago, Mildred and Richard Loving passionately argued that the Supreme Court must end the unjust laws that dare to tell us who we can and cannot love,” said Plaintiffs’ lead co-counsel Ted Olson.

“Today, almost half a century later, it is time thousands of gay and lesbian couples across America are extended that same promise of equality and freedom that the Supreme Court granted to the Lovings. Our plaintiffs have already fought for, in two separate courts, a constitutional promise they have been denied. Now, the Supreme Court must take up the Bostic case, answer once and for all the surpassingly important constitutional question of marriage equality, and rule decisively in favor of the fundamental right to marry for every same-sex couple.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and the Alliance Defending Freedom (acting for the Norfolk County Clerk) had both recently filed similar requests for review.

Australian man bites his rapist's penis half-off in effective anti-rape technique

An Australian man has been arrested after a serious lesson in "tough love." After trying to force a late night tryst to perform oral sex on him, the man nearly had his penis bitten off.

From Queerty:

The story goes like this: Man #1 met Man #2 at a nightclub on Saturday night.

After pounding back a few drinks, they went back to Man #1′s apartment in Chermside, a suburb outside of Queensland. And that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Shortly after arriving at the apartment, Man #2 alleges that Man #1 tried to pin him down and rape him. Man #2 said “No!” and when Man #1 wouldn’t listen, he retaliated by clamping his jaw down on his penis, sinking his teeth into the flesh and causing serious injury and severe bleeding, before fleeing the apartment.

Man #1 was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of rape.

That's one way to discourage rape...

Tweet of the day: NRA Women

A day after a 9 year old shot and killed her gun instructor with an Uzi at a gun park, NRA Women send out this tweet.

Talking about timing...
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